Martin Gram Christensen! Congratulation!


Alumni survey 2010/11 is closed.

Close to 500 people have been around our survey and although not all were eligable to participate we are in awe of the interest shown for our project and the willingness to help us out. We can’t wait to share the results of our survey with you. From all of us, Thank you!

But enough beating around the bush. The winner of two plane tickets to New York is by random draw …

Martin Gram Christensen

Congratulations. Martin has participated in Venture Cup two times. In 2008/09 as well as 2009/10 with “Vanerialyse” and “Crispy Though Boiled” respectfully. Currently Martin is concentrating on his PhD. at DTU, but will have to leave the books while going overseas.

Among the survey results we at Venture Cup are especially proud of all the loving comments regarding what was the most valuable asset previous participants has acquired by entering Venture Cup. Martin was no exception to this and had following to say about Venture Cup:

“The most valuable asset was the development of my ability to asses the market/industry needs early in the process of innovation and idea development to concentrate my focus on the most promising and valuable areas, while maintaining a broader perspective.”
The Alumni Report based on your responses will be publicized in September.

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