The most innovative minds have been chosen for the finals in Venture Cup Idea Competition, where they will be competing for the greatest entrepreneur idea

A transparent enzyme-based coating for aquariums, a website for young people with educational hunger and the possibility to navigate your mobile phone just by looking at it. A flow of great ideas have come Venture Cup in hands and almost 400 teams have been reduced to 40. A unified Danish business community have chosen the teams to compete for the best entrepreneur project suited to shape Denmark’s future. The finalists are divided into five categories focusing on Cleantech & Environment, Life Science & Medtech, Mobile & Web, People & Society and Product & Technology. In each category the winner receives 25.000 kr.

Torben Grothkjær from the University of Copenhagen is one of the finalists. In association with Christian Lundgaard and Mads Dahl he has started the company ZymeCoat Solutions, which intends to produce the first transparent enzyme-based coating for algae proofing aquariums.

“We hope to get a wider network which can help us make our project come to life. Prior to the Idea Competition we have attended in one of Venture Cups other competitions, but since then our idea has developed a lot. Today we have more fate in it and have initiated the research,” he explains.

One of the other participants, Miriam Thybo Møller from Roskilde University, is also looking forward to the competition. Accompanied by Carina Fogsgaard Christiansen she has founded the company iAspire, a website where young people looking for an education can find out more about their hopes and dreams before visiting the educational institutions.

”What is really great about the competition is that we get a stamp of approval that we can show on our website. The competition is on one hand an amazing possibility to get feedback and at the same time a possibility to make some money to get the website running.”

Managing Director for Venture Cup, Michael Bak, elaborates the concept behind the competition, which unites the best from the corporate world with the most innovative from the universities.

”What is really unique about this competition is that it shows the potential for the Danish future. We see the most innovative and ambitious students and scientists from all over the country competing, and at the same time we have more than 200 businesspeople, entrepreneurs and investors, who all dedicate thousands of hours helping them forward. This gives a unique dynamic.”

During the competition the participants receive concrete advice and help from a number of dedicated jury members. Sidsel Hauge, partner in Awapatent A/S, has been in the jury since 2009 and will yet again be judging the participants and giving them feedback on their ideas. She explains:

”The participants really gain something from the competition. There is a diversity among the judges, which enables us to help the participants distinguish between realistic and unrealistic. We are all interested in entrepreneurship, but in different ways. This gives a great energy and is really important to make the concept successful.”


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